About us

Breakdowns and repairs on covered systems and appliances don’t have to be a nuisance with a Choice Home Warranty George Foreman. A home warranty is an economical method to safeguard covered items for your most significant asset, whether you are a first-time home buyer, seller, or current homeowner.

Our priority at Choice Home Warranty George Foreman is quality. When a consumer contacts us about a home warranty, we respond with excellent customer service, establish great working connections with our contractors, and guarantee quality work from our contracted specialists. From the beginning to the end of your claim, Choice Home Warranty will be involved and on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Service contracts, not warranties, are available from CHW. For details on response times, refer to the policy. CHW retains the right to provide cash back in place of repair or replacement for any covered system, component, or appliance in the amount of CHW’s actual cost (which occasionally may be less than retail).